2021 China Supplier Graphite Crucible

 Grade of Molded Graphite Blank Model  Grain  Size  Apparent Density                 Specific ResistanceFlexualStrength Compressive Strength Thermal Conductivity  Shore HardnessElastici

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2020 China Supplier Graphite Crucibles

Grade of Molded Graphite Blank


 Grain  Size 

Apparent Density
Specific ResistanceFlexual
 Compressive Strength Thermal Conductivity  Shore HardnessElasticity ModulusPorosityAsh
 μmg/cm³ Ω.mMPAMPAW/m.KHSDGpa%PPM

11-13  1.50 12-15  15308030622 500

11-13 1.689-1320429535818500


Grade of Isostatic Graphite Blank





2020 China Supplier Graphite Crucibles

Our products are mainly vibration medium-grain Graphite, Molded and Isostatic Fine-grain Graphite, Machining parts, Graphite Electrods, Petroleum Coke, CPC etc.
The biggest sizes are up to 370x600x3200mm (14x23x125 inch) and Dia. 2100x370mm (dia. 82x14 inch). We also can develop special sizes and grades as individual solutions for the specific requirements of customers. At the same time, we have good graphite-machining capabilities and can supply precision machined parts.

Graphite materials have good resistance to thermal shock, oxidation and corrosion, and have suitable resistivity and homogenous structure. They can deal with the most demanding environments and have been used extensively in industries like solar, foundry, chemicals, electronics, ferrous metals, high-temp. processing, ceramics and refractory. The specific applications include:

1.Crucibles     2.Casting Molds      3.Heat Shields and Covers for Pulling of Monocrystalline Silicon

4.Channels    5.Parts for Heat Exchangers        6.Susceptors for Induction Furnaces

7.Furnace Linings       8.Head Electrodes for Acheson Furnace       9.Anodes for Metals Electrolysis

10.Boats and Trays for Sintering    11.Resistance Heating Elements

2020 China Supplier Graphite Crucibles2020 China Supplier Graphite Crucibles


2020 China Supplier Graphite Crucibles

2020 China Supplier Graphite Crucibles
2020 China Supplier Graphite Crucibles

2020 China Supplier Graphite Crucibles

2020 China Supplier Graphite Crucibles

2020 China Supplier Graphite Crucibles

We are a manufacturer with 125 employees; it was established in 1996, deal in graphite products near 20 years, annual capacity is about 10,000tons/year, located
in  Binzhou, Shandong, China. Nearby Qingdao port, has convenient transportation. The workshops occupy an area of 28,000 square meters.

The company has passed ISO9001 and SGS certificate. We have independent international trade departments, have successful foreign trading experience in Europe, North America and South Asia  for many years.

Integrity is the basic principles of a man, also for a company. We have good reputation in the market. We keep our promise and never cheat. 

An email or a phone call I will not let you down. Waitting for your contact.


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